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Name:Mr. Jacob Nichols [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:618-540-7158
Phone Number:618-540-7158
Address:5413 Sterling Ave
Centreville 62207, Illinois
United States
Methods of Payments: Cash, Checks , Cashier Checks, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Registration Date:Aug. 29, 2011
Last Updated:Sep. 24, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Computer Hardware & Software category

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At The BigComputerWorld Store you can buy all the computer products you need. From the new fashion laptops to the new unique desktops. From the software to the hard drives to the new computer monitors. From new hdtv' s to the new projectors and projector screens. New printer, scanner, fax machines and gps . The BigComputerWorld store also have recycling services. Recycle all of your electronics products for free.

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